• Eliminates Adware, Malware, Spyware & Trojan threats.
  • Total PC security with real-time protection system. 
  • Destroys keyloggers, PC worms and other malicious malware.
  • Top notch protection against all kinds of malicious internet threats.
  • Daily updates to battle against newest threats.

Remove Malware & Spyware For Good!

Spyhunter 4 is an all in one PC malware remover application that will safeguard your personal computer system against a host of dangerous threats including rootkits, adware, keyloggers, spyware, trojan horses, worms to name just a few. Spyhunter 4 is a complete anti malware application that will give your system the protection it requires to prevent an attack by such mentioned internet based threats.

Powerful Malware Remover...

Spyhunter 4 has continued to grow in popularity thanks to its powerful scanning engine which enables it to root out and destroy most malware infections today. This top rated malware remover has received many awards for its excellence and is used by many hundreds of thousands of users all around the world. Enjoy peace of mind with Spyhunter 4 installed on your computer. Daily updates will ensure that your system is constantly guarded against newly released threats which might try to attack your PC.

Complete System Protection

Relax with real-time protection...

Spyhunter 4 offers a unique feature in the form of real-time protection. Real-time protection is a powerful and essential feature of any malware removal application which enables it to protect your PC against any threats from the moment the program starts running. Any form of malware or spyware infection that attempts to infect your PC will be blocked and quarantined in real time, giving you, the PC user great peace of mind.

Deep Rootkit Scanning

Spyhunter 4 will perform deep scans on your computer system and destroy even the most difficult to find infections that cannot be found by other anti malware software on the market.

Very Easy To Use...

Spyhunter 4 has a very easy to use software interface and was specifically designed for all computer users, regardless of your level of expertise. Performing scans and program updates can be accomplished with a few clicks of your mouse button. Relax and enjoy working on your PC, knowing that spyhunter will safeguard your system at all times against malicious threats.